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Laser Helsinki 2012 (24 - 29 August 2012)

satellite XXXVII International Scientific and Practical Conference

Application of Lasers in Medicine and Biology
is over

Laser Helsinki 2012 International Congress and satellite XXXVII International Scientific and Practical Conference Application of Lasers in Medicine and Biology was successfully completed in Helsinki (Finland). This meeting was dedicated to various fields of laser medicine and research, medical laser technology, phototherapy and photobiology.

Main topics of the congress were: update of basic research and clinical experience of laser therapy and photodynamic therapy of different diseases and conditions, laser application in surgery and aesthetic medicine, lasers in veterinary medicine, laser acupuncture, laser vs. LED therapy, etc. Topics how to combine laser therapy with LED therapy, electric and magnetic stimulation, as well as with the correct diet and food supplement application were also discussed during the congress.

Simultaneous translation from Russian to English and back during the Congress helped to break language barrier and to improve communication between professionals from different countries.

Abstracts of the congress are published in a supplement to the journal “Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy”, published by Elsevier.

Cultural program included tours of the central historic part of Helsinki, as well as one day visit to Stockholm (Sweden) after completing the congress.

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Laser Helsinki 2015 Congress
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Final Program

Organizing committee of Laser Helsinki 2012 welcomes articles from a wide range of laser related medical disciplines, including laser biomedical research, clinical trials, newest development in laser technologies. Presentation should be no more that 15 minutes in length.



Laser Helsinki 2012 congress registration is open for health care, cosmetology and veterinary professionals, scientists, researchers, producers and developers of medical laser and phototherapy equipment, students from Europe and other parts of the world.


Purpose Of Congress

Laser Helsinki 2012 Congress is an interdisciplinary, international congress that aims to provide a tribune where the latest development in the medical laser technology and practise can be presented. It also aims to unite laser professionals from different countries.